Membership Options

We have a wide variety of options that can fit any dancer's schedule, budget and commitment.


FREE First class!

Come check out the first day of a Level 1 series and see if it's for you! Love it, and you can register for the full series! Not a match? No problem! You can walk away scot free! (But just fair warning: you'll probably love it!)


Drop In Classes $18 each

Use this option when you have an irregular schedule, and can only make it once in a while, or just need a little dance pick-me-up. (We recommend this option for people with a little experience. Level 1 is not available as drop in courses, simply because the classes are cumulative and it is difficult to jump into a class mid-session)


Four-week course $60 (Online registration)

You're ready to commit to four weeks of fun and learning with Down South Swing! Our four week courses begin at the start of each month, and run four consecutive weeks. No partner is needed, but if you sign up with one, we will say thank you with a discount!


Three-month membership $180 and up

You're ready to jump in! Three month memberships entitle you to take UNLIMITED courses in your genre (Lindy/Swing, Blues/Slow Dance or Balboa) at your level or below. I.E., if you have progressed through Level 1, and purchase a Level 2 membership, you may take both Level 1 and Level 2 courses. In the event a course at your top level* is cancelled, you will be able to take a 1 hour shared private lesson in lieu of the cancelled class.


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*Top level is the level for which you are registered. Any classes cancelled at lower levels, i.e. Level 1 classes for a Level 2 membership, will not be offered as a make up private lesson.