Evin Galang began dancing in 1997 in Chicago. The small scene grew quickly and Evin's dance addiction soon parlayed into teaching, performing and competing. Her passion for the dance, along with her graceful, easy style earned her the recognition of her peers and a strong student base.

In 1999, Evin formed the company Blue Moon Groove with her husband, Noah Galang. Together with some of the most creative and popular instructors in Chicago, they brought out the best in their students, created the most popular night for dance in the city, Swing Night at Fizz, opened the acclaimed Studio X and hosted the legendary Boulevard Swing Club.

When Noah hung up his dance shoes for a hiatus, Evin began working with Andrew Twiss. With Andrew, Evin has competed and taught all over the U.S. and Europe while continuing to evolve with their peers and learn from the Masters.

In 2008 Evin Galang moved to Decatur, GA and helped revitalize Atlanta's Swing Dance Resource, Down South Swing. With some of the veterans of the scene, along with up and coming dancers and teachers, Evin and the team at Down South Swing keep Swing alive and hopping in the ATL!

Evin's philosophy of dance instruction encompasses speaking to various learning styles, layered teaching, natural movement, experiential learning, invested and involved leadership throughout the Lindy Hop scene and a large helping of humor.

Evin and the staff of DSS continually work to achieve higher levels of mastery in the classroom and on the dance floor and always bring their experience to their students in real and meaningful ways.Evin is available for workshops and DJ'ing at your event with a variety of instructors, including her regular touring partner, Andrew.

You can contact her at evin(at)downsouthswing.com

Evin's Television appearances include
Cupid (CBS), Wild Chicago (WTTW), WGN Morning News

Evin's stage credits include
Dance Chicago, Dance for Life, Lavay Smith & the Red Hot Skillet Lickers (Tour), The Rhumba Bums

Evin's National Workshops include camps in
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and more

Evin's International Workshops include 
The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden