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Fill out my online form.
Class location: Decatur Rec Center, 231 Sycamore St

Ursi Ledergerber & Roger Frey



Friday Main Event w/Tray Dahl TBA
Atlanta, GA
$25 at the Door Doors at 8:30 pm
Saturday Main Event w/Taryn Newborne

GA Tech Student Center
Atlanta, GA

$25 at the door Doors at 8:30 pm
Friday & Saturday Late Nights Firefly Studio
189 Sams Street
Decatur, GA
$10 at the door Doors at 1 am
Sunday Main Dance TBA
Decatur, GA
$15 at the door Doors at 8 pm


April 13-15 2018

Atlanta, GA

Saturday Classes - $65 at the door
Sunday Classes - $65/4 HopShops at the door
Intermediate to Advanced Lindy Hop
10:30-11:00 Placement/check in
11:00-1:00 Lindy Hop Class 1
1:00-3:00 Lunch
3:00-5:00 Lindy Hop Class 2
Hop Shops & Specialty classes
11:00-11:55 Class block 1
12:00-12:55 Class block 2
Lunch & private lessons
3:00-3:55 Class block 3
4:00-4:55 Class block 4
Tray Dahl's Jugtime Ragband

Jerry Foote & Robin Carlson 


Taryn Newborne & The Real Deal

At the Door prices, classes only


Early bird/1st Tier Full weekend: $100 only 10 available!
Registrations 11-20: $120 (8% off a la carte!)
Registrations 21-30  $125 (15% off)
Registrations 31-45: $130 (almost 30% off)
Registrations 46-100: $135 (over 30% off)
At the door: $140 (almost 40% off the a la carte price)
DSCM 2017 DJ Crew!
DSCM 2017 Staff and Volunteers
DSCM 2018 Photographer

Online prices, Full Weekend

Saturday Classes $65
Sunday Classes (Hop Shops/semi-private lessons) $65
Beginner Track (Saturday classes only) $40


Roger Frey & Ursula Ledergerber have been dancing Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston and other dances for more than 20 years. Both of them have a diploma in professional dance and they like to share their knowledge on dance technique during classes.

Roger & Ursula have been working together as a dance couple for 10 years. Their main focus is the aspect of teaching, and their students appreciate the positive energy, the vitality and the love for the dance that Roger & Ursula bring to classes. Thanks to their long experience, every dance lesson is diversely structured and new figures are taught in a very clear way.

Robin Carlson & Jerry Foote are the Directors of Dance Force Productions, an award-winning professional dance company in Houston, Texas. Their diverse styles of dance and their vast experience in Entertainment add a unique flair to their Lindy Hop dancing.


They teach all levels of Lindy Hop for Houston Swing Dance Society and are also the Teacher Coordinators, training instructors in warm-ups, cueing, coaching, and being knowledgeable of the technical aspects of movement to music.


Jerry has won 1st in Cabaret at ILHC, 1st in Advanced J&J at Lindy fest & Lone Star Championships, and 1st in Uptown Swing’s “Luck of the Draw” comp.  Robin has a Masters in Human Health & Performance and her knowledge of body mechanics & motor learning is instrumental in her ability to offer students sound information on how to improve their technique.

Delighting audiences in Atlanta, and around the world, Taryn Newborne is a treasure to the Lindy Hop scene. Her gorgeous voice, coupled with some of the finest musicians in the Swing Jazz scene is a combination that makes them win hearts and keep dancers on the floor all night!


Taryn Newborne & The Real Deal will be our featured band on Saturday, April 14

Doors: 8:30 pm

In a few short years, Tray Dahl has become one of Atlanta's best Swing and Trad Jazz bands! Catering to their dancer fans, the band has a wide range of styles and tempos, all delivered with sass and frass. 


Tray Dahl will be our featured band on Friday, April 13


Doors 8:30 pm